The PREVENT Study – Alexion Pharmaceuticals NMO Clinical Trial

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The PREVENT Study – Alexion Pharmaceuticals NMO Clinical Trial

Post by HSowalla » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:50 pm

PREVENT stands for Prevention of Relapses and Evaluation of Eculizumab in Neuromyelitis Optica Treatment.

The goal of the PREVENT trial is to study the ability of a medication called eculizumab to prevent relapses of neuromyelitis optica – NMO and NMO spectrum disorder.

Eculizumab is an antibody protein that blocks the immune system’s attacks on healthy cells, which may prevent relapses.

Eculizumab has been studied in a previous phase 2 trial in patients with relapsing NMO. Patients who enrolled in PREVENT will have 2 to 1 chance of receiving eculizumab versus placebo. This study is add-on design, so patients will be able to continue with other NMO therapy. The primary outcome in this study is the time to relapse in patients treated with eculizumab versus placebo. PREVENT will enroll up to 132 patients and last up to two years. To find out more about participating in PREVENT please contact us at .

For more information please visit: ... s-alexion/
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